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Sidewalk Sunday School

Ra'Shawn FlournoyReBirth Church — Ra’Shawn Flournoy, Pastor

$58,000 Sidewalk Sunday School, $13,000 Adese Fellowship

Sidewalk Sunday School TruckReBirth Church will convert a moving truck into a mobile stage — fully equipped with lighting, sound system and audiovisual technology — to bring ministry to apartment communities in South Charlotte. When not needed for this outreach program, the truck will be available for rental to corporate groups, private parties and events. In addition, pastor Ra’Shawn Flournoy has been named a UCC Adese Fellow, an ecumenical cohort that will gather throughout 2018 for theological reflection and business development as they create enterprises that help their communities follow the way of Jesus and live into God’s economy.


Open Door

Blake Hart, Executive Director

$40,000 planning grant

Demonstrating authentic Christian hospitality to immigrant neighbors in Rock Hill, Open Door is a US Department of Justice-approved legal clinic providing low cost or pro-bono immigration legal services to the immigrant population. The ministry also sponsors a variety of initiatives to enhance cross-cultural understanding and reduce fear of the “other,” advocating for a more compassionate and welcoming society for immigrants.


Charlotte Film School

Julie McElmurry, Executive Director

$7,000 program grant

With a gift for bringing together filmmakers and people from marginalized communities who want to tell their stories, JulieMcElmurry will develop programs that teach filmmaking:amplifying the voices of the voiceless, and telling stories about peace, justice and hospitality.